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EXL7 Bio

Pure(Type III) / Ultrapure(Type I) Water System
Touch screen (7) & Voice guidance, Message guidance

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We are searching for pureness, overcoming limitless

Vivagen Co., Ltd. developed EXL 7 Lab Water System which consists of experts who have more than 20 years

experience in R&D.

We are doing our best to help customers solve their complex problems and achieve their goal with our expertise and

technical know-how.

We will give you the best satisfaction for various experiments with features that are not vailable in existing equipments and

reasonable price.

ASTM Type llI&l Grade

Molecular biology, PCR , DNA sequencing , Cell culture , Media preparation , Microbiology,

In-vitro fertilization , Electrophoresis, Monoclonal antibody production

Ultra-trace and trace-organic and organic analysis , HPLC, GC-ms, ICP-MS , TOC Analysis

Ion chromatography , Solid phase extraction , Electrochemistry


Pure(Type III) / Ultrapure(Type I) Water System

EXL7 Bio  can be used for both Pure Water and Ultrapure Water simultaneously.

In particular, Pure Water can be produced while dispensing Ultrapure Water,

which allows for convenient experiment.

Fast Flow Rate

EXL7 Bio can produce Pure Water(Type III) up to 16L or 32L per hour. (Select one)

For Ultrapure Water( Type I) can be produced up to 120L per hour.

Touch screen (7) & Voice guidance, Message guidance

For ease of use, the system is installed touch screen, the Setting of voice and Pop-up message guidance.

Touch screen monitor

Displays the lifetime and usage information of each filter

UV lamp indicator

Tap water quality, Product indicator & Set Point setting

Pump monitor

Total Product amount

 Print out

System information

Tank level indicator

Volumetric function dispensing function

Built in quantitative sampling function to drain off Pure(Type III) and Ultrapure(Type I) Water as

much as user wants.

(0.1L~99.9L units)

Auto Initial Flush / Auto RO Flushing Function

It has Auto Initial Flushing and Auto RO Flushing function for optimum filter management,

which can clean the RO filter automatically before and after production of Pure water(Type III). (Hand washable)

Tank Auto Flushing Function

If the stored Pure Water(Type III) is not used for 24 hours, it will be flushed automatically to prevent contamination and

always provide the best water quality.

Protection for Ultrapure Water filters and pumps

System allows Ultrapure Water(Type I) filter to stop automatically and alarm when water level in Pure Water(Type III)

storage tank falls below.

Built-In 20L Pressurized Tank

While open tanks from other companies have the risk of contamination by air, EXL7 Bio  System uses pressurized tank which

can perfectly block external contamination.

Beyond basic inner tank, you can have option available outer tank 20L, 30L, 70L without additional sensor,

the height of tank.

High Capacity DI Cartridge

Using the highly processed DI cartridges provide the best water quality.

UV Lamp & Leakage detector(2ea) installed by default

EXL7 Bio System has a UV lamp installed by default, which can produce Ultrapure Water with extremely low level of

organic substances.

In addition, a leakage detector is installed in and out by default to secure the safety for the device and lab.

If it detects a water leakage, the device stops all producing, and be on standby.

Tap Water or Feed water monitoring

Monitor the condition of tap water to protect the equipment in case of a shortage.

Easy to install and initial installation automatic wash

It is easy to install for anyone and it has the function to automatically clean all filters installed in the system at the time of

initial installation.

History storage

Consumable exchange, Alarm, Set point

Data storage

Filter Information (Used & Available time, Total output), Alarm history, Consumable exchange history are

saved in USB memory.

Software update

It is easy to be up to date software by USB memory anybody.

Remote control

Direct system control via internet network & technicians direct access.

TOC Monitoring (Option)

Displays TOC value of Ultrapure Water, and a message pops up on screen when it is out of set point.

POU (Point Of Use Gun) (Option)

The remote dispenser is equipped with quantitative sampling function to allow user to produce Pure Water(Type III) and Ultrapure Water(Type I)

as much as user want. (0.1L~99.9L)

EXL7 Lab Water System Pure & Ultrapure Water Quality



 EXL7 Bio

 Resistivity (at 25)

 18.2 Mxcm


 <5 ppb


<0.01 CFU/mL


<0.001 EU/mL

 ***RNases  (RNase-free)

<1 pg/mL

 ***DNases  (DNase-free)

<5 pg/mL

 Particles  (@0.2 )


 Flow Rate 

  Up to 2(I/min)

 RO Module Rejection Rates (Pure)

 Resistivity (at 25)


 Monovalent Ions (%)

Up to 98%

 Polyvalent Ions (%)

Up to 98%





 Dissolved Organics (>300MW)


 Product Flow Rate(20% at 25)

 Up to 16/32 l/h

 Maximum Recovery Rate*

Approxi. 50 % 

Depends on feed water quality and temperature.

* TOC Specs - Test Conditions:

   EXLSystem equipped with Pre Carbon filter and DI cartridge and with feed(tap) water quality within 

   pecifications. Product water quality may vary due to local feed water conditions.

** Results with 0.2 Final Filter.

*** Results with Ultra Filter polisher in place.

 Feed Water Quality

* Exclusively potable water according to the drinking water regulations of the USA, the European Union, Korea or Japan.



 Conductivity (at 25)



 <250 ppm


 <2000 ppb

 Max. Permanent Hardness(max.CaCO3)

360 ppm

 Free chlorine

3 ppm

 Iron (Total Fe Content)

<0.1 ppm

 Fouling Index

 <5 SDI


 <1 NT

 pH Value


 Input Pressure

  0.5-6.9 bar, Recommended >2bar


 EXL7 Bio


 220~240VAC/50/60Hz (100W)

 System Weight


 System Dimension

 375(W) X 600(D) X 600(H)mm

 Packing Dimension

 500(W) X 700(D) X 800(H)mm

 Operation Temperature & Humidity Range

 2~35 / Under 80% Relative Humidity

 Storage Temperature & Humidity Range

 5~35/ Under 80% Relative Humidity

Founded in 2003, Vivagen Co., Ltd. is the company which consists of experts who have more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and R&D.

Our products consist of self-developed Pure & Ultrapure integrated water system (EXL Series), Gas control module for cell culture (EXL Navigator), Transfection Reagent (VivaMagic), Taq Polymerase and Marker.

The patent of Lab Water System is registered with Korean Intellectual Property Office in Oct. 2010. In 2016,

we released new product, EXL7.

Vivagen Co., Ltd. provides differentiated services to customers in various experiments such as filtration, purification, concentration, incubation and analysis.

We are sure our expertise and technical know-how help customers solve their complex problems and achieve their goals.

Ordering Information

 Order No.



 EXL7 Bio 16

 EXL7 Bio 16 Pure & Ultrapure Water System(w/UV lamp) & 20L Tank

 EXL7 Bio 32

 EXL7 Bio 32 Pure & Ultrapure Water System(w/UV lamp) & 20L Tank



 IQ/OQ Validation EXL7 Pure & Ultra Pure


 Inline TOC for EXL7 


 Printer for EXL5&7 


 Piont of use gun Pure or Ultra Pure for EXL5&7


 Foot Switch EXL5&7 


 20L Pressure Tank


 30L Pressure Tank


 70L Pressure Tank



 Pre Carbon Filter for EXL7 (4ea/pk)


 RO Membrane for EXL7


 DI Cartridge#1 & #2 for EXL7(each 2ea/pk)


 UV Lamp for EXL3&5&7


 UF Membrane for EXL7


 0.2u Final filter for EXL3&5&7


 1um Pre filter for EXL7 (4ea/pk)


 5um Pre filter for EXL7 (4ea/pk)