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EXL7 S Bio

- Pure(Type II) / Ultrapure(Type I) Water System
- Touch screen (7”) & Voice guidance, Message guidance

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We are searching for pureness, overcoming limitless

Vivagen Co., Ltd. developed EXL® 7 Lab Water System which consists of experts who have more than

20 years experience in R&D.

We are doing our best to help customers solve their complex problems and achieve their goal with our expertise

and technical know-how.

We will give you the best satisfaction for various experiments with features that are not available in existing

equipments and reasonable price.

ASTM Type ll&l Grade

Molecular biology, PCR , DNA sequencing , Cell culture , Media preparation , Microbiology,

In-vitro fertilization , Electrophoresis, Monoclonal antibody production

Ultra-trace and trace-organic and organic analysis , HPLC, GC-ms, ICP-MS , TOC Analysis

Ion chromatography , Solid phase extraction , Electrochemistry


Pure(Type II) / Ultrapure(Type I) Water System

EXL®7 SBio  can be used for both Pure Water and Ultrapure Water simultaneously.

In particular, Pure Water can be produced while dispensing Ultrapure Water, which allows for convenient experiment.